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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Taylor, allow me to introduce five facts that you probably are unaware of.

1. She Uncovered a Recruiting Scandal

Recruiting violations are actually very common at the college level while it is rarely discovered or punished; however, when recruiting violations are discovered, it normally ends with a huge scandal and heavy sanctions by the NCAA. While working at Scout.com, Rooks covered and broke a story that revealed a recruiting scandal. The work that Rooks did on this story foretold of her investigative and reporting skills, and it also facilitated her rapid rise.

2. She Is More Than a Pretty Face

Okay, let us be honest when you see Taylor Rooks, the first thing that jumps out is her pulchritude. She is absolutely stunning, but fortunately for her, she is much more than a pretty face. Like her parents before her, she attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — majoring in broadcast journalism. In fact, Taylor was still at the University of Illinois when she first broke the recruiting scandal.


3. She Has Been Instrumental in Expanding Female Interests in Sports Broadcasting

Taylor has not been one to rest on her laurels and be happy with her current success. She has used her current exposure to promote the opportunities for women in the world of sports journalism. She has proven that beauty and brains can be synonymous, forging a new path for those women who wish to follow behind her to pursue a career in journalism. She has also done a great deal to prove that women can cover men sports in an effective manner.

4. Her Father is Thomas Rooks

For many of you Taylor’s father’s name is of no significance; however, Thomas Rooks is the all-time leading rusher for the Illinois Fighting Illini. So, it seems that Taylor has sports coursing through her veins. If you do not think so, consider the fact that she is the niece of Marv Woodson, who played for the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburg Steelers, and she is also the niece of the famous St. Louis Hall of Famer, Lou Brock. I would definitely say that she has a strong sports pedigree.

5. Rooks Has Raised the Bar

With her rapid rise to the mainstream sports reporting, getting weekly national exposure, Taylor Rooks has raised the bar of what is expected from a female journalist at the highest level. She represents a new breed of female sports reporters that could easily lead to the dismissal of the need to distinguish between male and female sports reporters. She is that good, and her beauty does not hurt.

Taylor Rooks (born May 22, 1992) is an American sports journalist and broadcaster. She currently appears on SportsNet New York and CBS Sports Network. Rooks was previously a host, reporter, and correspondent for the Big Ten Network. She appeared on BTN Live, BTN Football Pregame, and Women’s Sports Report. Prior to SNY, CBS, and BTN, Rooks was a football and basketball recruiting reporter for scout.com. She has an on-air presence for major events, such as the Big Ten Football Championship.


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