‘Luke Cage’ Made Him a Fashion Hero

Mike Colter plays the coolest superhero going these days, on the binge-worthy Netflix show “Luke Cage.”Mr. Colter, who grew up in St. Matthews, S.C., let us in on his favorite clothing, explained how his role as a Marvel character has changed his wardrobe, and revealed why he prefers boots with zippers.


Shirt I like henleys. I like the option of having a plunging neckline, but I like to be able to button it up. I have several from Rag & Bone.

Jeans I’ll usually prefer jeans over pants. I have three main pairs. I have a pair by Paige — I like how theirs have some stretch in the thigh. I have another by Ari, this store on West Broadway in SoHo. The other is by AG.


Suit I gained 30 pounds for “Luke Cage,” and it’s changed what I can wear. I’m broader in the shoulders, and I need more room in the thigh. Before, I would wear Hugo Boss, but now I need more of a sports cut. I bought a suit in Paris a couple weeks ago from Canali that fits well. Burberry is also good. Or I’ll go with a custom suit. The thing about fashion is I’m still learning about it. There was no fashion where I grew up. We had no money. I wore my brother’s things, and he was shorter than me.

Mr. Colter keeps his jewelry simple.

Boots I like zip boots. I’m wearing a pair by Ari — I love that store. I like the zip look, but I also have pairs that lace in the front but zip on the side. I’ve never put on a pair of shoes and not been in a hurry. I can’t be bothered doing shoelaces.

Accessory I almost never go anywhere without a hat. I’m bald, and my head is cold if it’s nippy out. If it’s hot, a bald head is almost like a reflector, and it burns. I like the pageboy style. To be quite honest, it’s because I have a large head. When you have a small head, you can wear a big cap, because the big brim balances things out. I look at those hats and enjoy them, but I don’t want that much hat around my head. The pageboy is form-fitting and it’s easy to store. You can roll it up and put it in your pocket. I have a bunch of them from Goorin Brothers.

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