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Sorry for This, but the Hot Chicken Trend Is… Heating Up

In the 1930s, there was a man in Nashville.
There’s more.

This man liked the ladies. One lady didn’t appreciate that, and decided to make him his beloved fried chicken one evening, but with enough spice to be, without hyperbole, excruciating.

The problem: this man ended up loving the hell out of it, and once the woman left, he took this chicken to his brothers, and they all started Prince’s, the world’s most famous hot chicken joint.

Now, lovable hot chicken seems to be having a bit of a moment in our city.

Enter Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, the Top Chef and The Chew superstar’s friendly Nashville-style eatery, soft-opening on Monday and in full force on June 17 on Columbia in Brooklyn.

In case it was unclear, the chicken is the main reason to be here. There are six levels of heat, and believe us when we implore you, don’t be a hero (“hero” being the Boomshakalaka level).

Other main reasons include the roasted-carrot-and-chickpea salad (it’ll mitigate the heat a bit), cornbread (because it’s delicious) and frozen honey bourbon lemonade available in carafes.

Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen
115 Columbia St
(at Kane)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
official website

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